We are accepting new patients.

We have 2 offices in jacksonville, FL they are listed below & in contact us part of the website

Arlington Location: 2732 Trollie Ln. Jacksonville, FL 32211

Riverside Location: 2789 Park St. Jacksonville, FL 32205

We take most of the insurances, we maintain a comprehensive list at the insurance tab of the menu on the website. Though it is not possible to maintain a complete list, we recommend calling our office and providing a copy of insurance front and back for our office to confirm.

We recommend calling the office as soon as you know that you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment. We usually ask for 48 hours notice.

We are a well established practice, we try to have your appointment with the same provider that you saw last time. But in the case of availability and scheduling we may have to offer you to see another provider in our office.

We see patients with 18+ but with the nature of practice exceptions are always part of the day.

We encourage you to have an appointment especially for new patient visits but you can always walk in and check with the front desk if availability of providers based on already scheduled patients. We certainly want to help even if you are walk in in by all means.

We will require to have Patient’s picture ID & Insurance card. You are required to have any documents that were asked to bring in by staff previously. Additionally you should bring in medications that you are currently talking about including OTC, any reports from the lab, discharge papers, self monitoring health data and anything else that you think will help your provider to help you.

We are a well established practice, we have very knowledgeable board certified providers with long experience, Our supportive staff is well organized and well mannered and mindful of customer service. Our core values and our vision separates us from others where we treat our patients the way we want to be treated.

Yes you can. We recommend getting annual wellness visits done regularly and if any need you may have during the year you should not wait but schedule an appointment for better health management as we all know prevention is better than cure.

At present you can call our office to make a payment over the phone or send us a check to PO Box 600365, Jacksonville, FL 32260.

The payment for the service due at time of service. You can check with the front desk if they have your copay information available at the time of check in.

You should write down concerns you have that you need to discuss with your provider. You should gather the documents including reports that you are asked to bring in or that you want to show to your provider.