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STD Clinic in Jacksonville

Sexually active people are prone to STDs. It is better to get tested earlier as the disease can be cured with medication. At VCC, STD testing and treatment is provided to detect asymptomatic or dormant infection and treat it as soon as possible.

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Jacksonville's Leading STD & HIV Clinic: Confidential Checking and Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases, also referred to as STDs, are quite prevalent today. You run the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease if you engage in sexual activity with several partners. In addition, untreated STDs can result in serious health issues like cancer and infertility.

STDs usually don’t have any specific symptoms, hence the only way to be sure if you or your partner has an STD is to get tested. The good news is that you can get tested and treated at a single place with ValueCare’s STD testing and treatment service.

Taking Care of Your Sexual Health the Right Way

Taking care of your sexual health is nothing to be shy about. If you are concerned about a particular infection or symptom, our STD clinic in Jacksonville can be the right platform for you. The more honest you get with us, the better treatment you receive.

We test patients for a variety of infections and cover syphilis, counseling, and confidential testing for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other STIs. Keeping your privacy in mind, all tests are conducted under strict medical supervision while maintaining confidentiality. At ValueCare Clinic, we:


    • Help you connect with HIV care provider
    • Offer HIV and sexually transmitted infection testing, diagnosis, and treatment
    • Provide vaccines against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B
    • Offer partner services for people diagnosed with syphilis or HIV
    • Make information about HIV prevention tools available to patients

How Are You Tested?

We conduct STD tests in different ways. We collect various samples like urine, blood samples, oral swabs, etc. Since the testing we conduct at our STD testing Jacksonville Fl usually involves taking urine samples, we prohibit sex or sexual contact with anyone before testing. Be assured that the tests we conduct here are reviewed by a certified clinical care expert.

If the test reveals any infection, our clinicians will walk you through the next steps.
You are free to ask us as many questions as you want or voice any concerns you might have related to your results. Our doctors will discuss everything with you right from the start of your treatment journey. Then they will recommend the appropriate course of therapy and explain how you or your partner can be treated.

Get the Care You Deserve

Sexually active people are prone to STDs. But due to the stigma attached to it, many people shy away from getting the care that they deserve. We aim to build a sex-positive healthcare environment that makes it easy for you to prioritize your sexual. We encourage you to take the STD test. It is better to get tested earlier as the disease can be cured with medication.

We will offer you easy and quick STD testing at our same day std testing clinic in Jacksonville fl. All you need is to simply book an appointment, meet our provider and discuss any symptoms that you might be facing, and get tested. It’s that easy! Get tested for STDs with us and take a step towards a healthy life.