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ValueCare Direct (VCD)

ValueCare Direct (VCD) is membership based primary care where your Physician contracts directly with employers for their employees or such groups and even for individuals. A membership with our VCD program monthly/ yearly fees which includes all primary care office visits, telemedicine visits, wellness exams, and more. There are no more deductibles, and no co-insurance.

We have contracted directly with our laboratory to provide our patients the lowest pricing on labs. You can use your insurance if you prefer.

Enroll For VCD
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primary care walk in clinic jacksonville
Family Primary Care
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There will be an initial sign up fee for $100 which will not be applied to monthly/yearly fees. All fees charged under VCD programs can not be billed to insurance and may not be considered as out of pocket for any third party billing.

VCD works great for the group or individual who may not have traditional insurance or may not use the existing insurance.

Membership of VCD is managed outside of our clinic. No one at the clinic can help other than sign up or see if membership is active or not. If any questions on VCD or it’s terms please reach at [email protected]

*Valuecare Direct (VCD) is NOT insurance and we recommend that you continue to have insurance for hospital care, expensive testing done outside our office, and referrals to specialists.