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We offer full screening and health assessment tests to evaluate your overall health. Our team reviews your past medical history and conducts lab tests which are aimed for identifying health risk factors and identifying any internal diseases.

Preventive & Wellness Screening Center in Florida, Jacksonville

At our healthcare centre in Jacksonville, Florida, we offer comprehensive wellness and preventive screening services like PAP tests, and blood tests and screening for chronic diseases and ECG to help you evaluate your overall health and well-being. Our medical professionals also provide behavioral health screening and personalized assessments to identify potential mental health risks and detect any mental illness early on.

When conducting your overall health assessment, we take into account your family medical history. Moreover, we follow evidence-based guidelines incorporating patient preferences to conduct screenings based on your age, gender, and health risk factors.

If necessary, our team can perform thorough physical examination and evaluate factors affecting your overall health. Moreover, patients can book an appointment early from their home and even get follow-up recommendations without worrying about long queue.

Compassionate Team for Your Screening

Prioritize your physical as well as mental well-being by booking a behavioural health screening and other health assessment tests with our compassionate team of experts. Before running lab tests, our professionals create a safe environment so that you can talk freely about your medical condition and history. Our team will make sure to provide you with accurate and timely diagnoses.

State-of-Art Equipment for Better Accuracy

Our clinic prioritizes precision and accuracy through state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostic screening, lab tests, and health assessments. We follow stringent screening protocols and leverage cutting-edge tools to conduct comprehensive wellness screenings, preventive screenings, and clinical assessments, ensuring timely detection of health risks.

Screening Tests to Detect Health Problems Beforehand

Screening tests are crucial for early detection of potential health risks and ensuring timely and appropriate treatment. Regular screenings enable healthcare professionals to identify any underlying conditions or abnormalities before they progress or become severe.

At Value Care Clinic, our highly experienced health professionals will conduct comprehensive medical evaluations and clinical screening. We follow a meticulous screening protocol, assess your vital signs, family medical history, personal health habits, and risk factors for accurate results.

Primary Screenings that We Offer

  • PAP Test

    Pap test screening procedure to check for precancerous or cancerous cells in the cervix, helping to detect cervical cancer early in women.

  • Screening for Chronic Diseases

    We offer screening for chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. so that they are found early on and treated on time.

  • ECG

    Regular screenings, like blood tests, ECG (electrocardiogram) for monitoring heart health, and imaging procedures to help track the progression of these conditions and assess the effectiveness of treatments.

  • Substance Use Screening

    Substance use screening helps identify unhealthy alcohol, tobacco, or drug use before dependence develops. It can help in early intervention and prevention of substance abuse disorders.

  • STD Screening

    STD symptoms are not easily identifiable. So, we offer STD tests like blood test, urine test and sore swab test to help identify STD infection.

  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) for Peripheral artery disease screening

    This test help identify Peripheral artery disease. It will also work as risk predicator for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

  • Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)

    PFT screening tests evaluate the respiratory system including patient history. It helps doctors and patient understand how well lungs are working and any potential future lung disease.

  • Early-Stage Dementia Detection

    Early evaluation and identification of dementia include test to evaluate series of cognitive and neuropsychological tests. These tests can evaluate ones thinking ability, problem solving skills, movement, senses and reflexes.

  • Tobacco & Alcohol Dependence Screening

    Acting as a screening tool Taps-1 test is conducted to evaluate one's frequency of use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs and other medical prescription over past 12 months.

  • COPD Screening

    This test will help to detect the risk or presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The testing include questionnaire for chronic diseases and include common blood or genetic tests ray and CT scan.

  • Cardiac Monitoring using EKG/ Cardiac Function Test

    Our professionals will use this test to assess the heart's rhythm, evaluate the adequacy of blood flow, and detect any irregularities or abnormalities within the heart muscle.

  • Muscle Strength Testing Using MMT Grading

    MMT is used to evaluate muscle strength and weakness from imbalance or poor endurance. It is an important test for patients with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or neuropathy.

  • Pain Screening

    The test will help in diagnosing the cause of pain, tracking how a patient’s condition progresses, and determining if treatment is working for them.

  • Functional Status Assessment

    Functional Status Assessment can be used both to screen initially for problems and to monitor health over time.

  • Screening of Diabetes with Complications

    The purpose of this screening is to detect any potential complication at an early stage and intervene with lifestyle changes or medications to reduce the risk of diabetes.

  • Glycaemic Status Assessment

    This assessment test optimizes the effectiveness and safety of treatment in many people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

  • Initial Preventive Physical Exam

    The IPPE is a preventive visit offered to newly enrolled Medicare beneficiaries. This service focuses on health promotion and disease prevention and detection.

  • Cognitive Function Screening

    Cognitive function screening involves answering simple questions and performing simple tests. Common screening tests include Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and the Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE).

Secondary Screenings (We Refer Out)

Breast Cancer Screening

We offer breast cancer screening like mammography, which is an X-ray of the breast tissue. It helps find cancer early, when it is easier to treat.

Sleep Study

This diagnostic test involves sensors that track the activity of multiple body systems, including your heart, brain, and respiratory system, giving a comprehensive view of the quality of your sleep.

Osteoporosis Screening/Bone Density Screening

The method used for this screening is the dual-energy X-ray test. The test uses very low levels of X-rays to measure bone mineral content and how dense your bones are.

Vascular Disease Screening

These screenings can help you find out if you have symptoms of vascular disease. Diagnose tests might include Ankle-brachial index (ABI), Doppler ultrasound, Angiography, Blood tests, or questions about your medical history.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Screening for colorectal cancer involves testing apparently healthy people for early signs of cancer. The purpose of this screening is to detect any potential complication at an early stage and intervene with lifestyle changes or medications to reduce the risk of progression.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer screening involves testing or pre-screening for prostate cancer in men. It measures the level of PSA in the blood, a substance made by the prostate. Higher levels of PSA can indicate the presence of prostate cancer.

Retinopathy or Cataract Screening

Retinopathy screening is a crucial part of managing diabetes, as diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the leading cause of preventable blindness. The method used to screen is DR screening which include a visual acuity exam and a retinal examination. Cataract screening, on the other hand, involves a visual acuity test, a dilated eye exam, and tonometry test aimed for early detection and treatment of cataracts are key to preventing vision loss.

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