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ValueCare Clinic is a trusted family primary care clinic in Jacksonville that offers comprehensive healthcare solutions with multiple specialties. We are here to help you achieve your health goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Primary Care Jacksonville

Our goal is to provide the best primary care at our healthcare clinic in Jacksonville to adults 18 years old and above so that they can reach desired healthcare outcomes. You won’t have to go to different healthcare providers as our multiple specialists across various disciplines will care for all your health-related issues in one place.

Visit us today for regular check-ups and to avoid experiencing potential symptoms of more severe health problems. It will help you steer away from many health-related issues and stay healthy.

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At ValueCare Clinic, we value your time and work towards the goal of getting you back to your daily life as soon as possible. Our medical professionals have many years of experience under their belt. They possess a vast knowledge of various conditions, making them competent to diagnose and treat problems.

Walk in and get quick and convenient same-day care for your minor injuries that come unannounced. We can treat other illnesses and injuries, including strains, minor cuts, allergies, colds, flu, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, etc.

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telemedicine services Jacksonville


We offer telemedicine services, ensuring all patients, including Covid-19 patients who cannot visit our clinic for any reason and need medical care, still receive the high-quality healthcare service they need.

Our qualified team will evaluate, diagnose, and offer treatment and medical care to you virtually while you sit anywhere in the world. We will adhere to patient-provider confidentiality, ensuring the information you provide remains confidential. Get healthcare services anywhere in the world, so long you have a secure and stable internet connection


At our healthcare center in Jacksonville, Florida, we offer comprehensive wellness and preventive screening services like PAP tests, and blood tests and screening for chronic diseases and ECG to help you evaluate your overall health and well-being. Our medical professionals also provide behavioral health screening and personalized assessments to identify potential mental health risks and detect any mental illness early on.

When conducting your overall health assessment, we take into account your family medical history. Moreover, we follow evidence-based guidelines incorporating patient preferences to conduct screenings based on your age, gender, and health risk factors.

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Behavioral Health

With the pandemic negatively impacting the mental health of adults, behavioural health became an important part of primary care. If left untreated, behavioural health conditions affect physical health along with the mental health of patients.

We offer our behavioural health patients the most comforting experience to reduce their anxiety. Our staff is specially sensitized towards the needs of patients, offering them assistance and treatment in a respectful environment so that they can seek help and their health conditions do not go untreated.

Substance abuse Jacksonville

Substance abuse leads to mental and physical health problems. It can have adverse behavioral and health outcomes for the people who abuse alcohol, illicit drugs, etc. It is crucial to address the issue to avoid substance abuse from developing into a chronic illness that will need lifelong monitoring and care.

We help individuals overcome substance abuse and shun substances often abused like alcohol, cocaine, opiates, inhalants, marijuana, and prescription medicines, such as pain, stimulants, anxiety pills, etc. We will ensure you get all the support you need throughout your recovery process.

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Though often neglected, mental health is very important. Issues related to mental health should be addressed before they cause severe disruption to individuals and families. We have in-house providers specializing in diagnosing and treating mental, addictive, and emotional disorders. They have a deep understanding of mental health and the relation between general and mental health.

Mental health problems our providers can deal with include anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders, substance-related disorders, mood disorders, and sexual and gender identity disorders.


Get comprehensive treatment for your skin disorders at ValueCare Clinic. We do everything from treating psoriasis and eczema and mole and wart removal to providing acne therapy, patch testing, and full-body skin examination.

Our specialists are trained to administer cosmetic treatments, capable of preserving cosmetic appearance. With their knowledge and experience, they will treat the disorders with prescription medication and specific therapies. So, don’t worry. You will be in competent hands.

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Women's Clinic Jacksonville

Your healthcare needs will vary throughout your journey from a girl to a woman. We have made it convenient for all the women out there to stay healthy with our women’s healthcare service.

To be there for your medical needs every step of the way, we offer primary care, women’s health, and behavioral medicine in a single place. It ensures you have a reliable healthcare partner to help achieve your healthcare goals. Schedule a call today to get a regular check-up.

Men's health

Men visit doctors for preventive care less often than women, putting their health at risk. It is essential for men to get screened and examined regularly to avoid any major health-related issues later on in life.

We offer men’s healthcare services to make it easier for men to reach out to a doctor. Our services include but are not limited to cancer screening, depression screening, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol monitoring, stress and anxiety management, smoking cessation assistance, etc.

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STD testing & treatment

Sexually active people are prone to STDs. It is better to get tested earlier as the disease can be cured with medication. At CHS, STD testing and treatment is provided to detect asymptomatic or dormant infection and treat it as soon as possible.

Our staff will provide the best care and treatment for STDs like Gonorrhoea, HPV, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, Herpes, Genital Warts, Syphilis, etc. Get tested for STDs with us and take a step towards staying healthy.

Wellness physicals

It’s essential to focus on your overall health and fitness. To help you take a step in the right direction and achieve whole-body wellness, we have introduced wellness services at ValueCare Clinic. Our team follows a comprehensive approach to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Whether you are facing problems in controlling chronic health conditions, looking for long-term rehabilitation and recovery, or focussing on eating healthy and learning healthy habits, we will devise the best-customized plan to help you meet your specific needs

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Same Day Sick Visits

Same Day Sick Visits

For unexpected minor injuries that do not fall under emergency but need immediate treatment, schedule a same-day sick visit with our specialists at ValueCare Clinic. They will evaluate your condition and give a precise diagnosis of the injury affecting you.

Book a sick visit with us if you are suffering from an acute problem like ear pain, a sore throat, cough, vomiting, or fever. We will address any health complications you have and get them treated at the earliest. Our team will provide treatment, educate you regarding symptom management and home care treatment.

Workers comp.

We collaborate with employers to treat their employees who have work-related injuries or have developed a disease related. The work-related injuries we treat include injuries due to overexertion like muscle strain, fractures, sprains that are common slip and fall injuries, etc.

Our trained doctors will be sensitive to your employers and provide them with the best professional medical treatment and care so that they can recover better without any financial stress. It will help your employees get to work soon, ensuring your work is not interrupted.

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Personal injury specialists jacksonville

Personal injury specialist

No matter how careful we are in our day-to-day lives, it is difficult to avoid work-related injuries and slip and fall injuries. Other common injuries are the ones associated with car accidents like misalignment in bones, lower back pain, muscle ache, neck pain, whiplash, etc. These injuries severely impact bodies, resulting in excruciating pain.

Our physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists work with patients to treat these injuries and help them recover from personal injuries. They address all the injuries thoroughly, taking the proper time to address a patient’s concerns.

Jacksonville Botox & Fillers

Flawless skin gives a boost to anyone’s confidence. But as we grow older, one can see the signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. While some people embrace old age, these normal signs of aging make some people lose confidence.

We introduce botox and fillers for all those concerned about their appearances and lack confidence because of it. It will help your skin relax and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, giving you smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Additionally, it will enhance your overall appearance and give you a younger looking skin.

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IV Hydration

Hot summers can leave anyone dehydrated. It is often suggested to drink water in order to stay hydrated. It can replenish you and help you refresh but not as much as IV hydration therapy by ValueCare Clinic.

We will be there for an infusion whenever you feel thirsty, fatigued, and unwell due to dehydration. The infusion will be administered by our licensed medical. We offer a variety of products for an IV infusion at our clinic. Call us to know more or to make an appointment.

Obesity Management Jacksonville

With today’s fast-paced life where people don’t have time for exercising, obesity is becoming common. It has caused many health problems, major ones being heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure. We have experienced physicians specializing in obesity medicine.

They are well-qualified to offer supervised weight loss plans and will collaborate with you to create a custom plan. It will be made keeping your lifestyle and any other concerns in mind, helping you lose weight in the most healthy and effective manner.

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