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The current healthcare system is overburdened as the number of accessible doctors is declining while the number of patients demanding a higher standard of care is increasing. Additionally, patients who are able to visit medical experts, have to wait for many hours to see them. But things are changing now with telehealth.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, a healthcare alternative to traditional caregiving, allows patients to meet virtually by phone or any other telecommunication device with healthcare professionals and receive medical treatment while sitting anywhere in the world.

Healthcare professionals have broadened the reach of patient care with telehealth. Now, patients can receive a wider range of services from healthcare professionals without having to meet them physically. It makes receiving care from home easier for patients and helps them save money.

Bringing Telehealth Care into Homes

Recently, many healthcare providers have been turning to telehealth solutions to meet patients’ demands. The move is to ensure that all individuals receive access to care no matter their location. Under telehealth, healthcare professionals and clinics are providing the following services:

E-visit: Communication between the patient and practitioner is done through telecommunication systems. After the initial visit, follow-up visits are also done virtually.

Virtual Check-in: Check-in with a practitioner is done via phone or any other telecommunication device to check whether an office visit or any other healthcare service is required.

Get Telehealth Services with ValueCare

Telehealth is important if you need medical care while living anywhere in the world. You can monitor your health and get the right telemedicine while traveling anywhere in the world.

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