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How ValueCare Clinic Can Help You with Your Minor Injuries?

Illnesses and injuries can be challenging to deal with, especially when they occur suddenly. Getting the right care is the key to a fast healing process.

If you have an illness or injury that requires immediate attention or an exam or test to assess the extent of your condition, it’s best to visit our minor injuries walk in clinic. We will offer you the best care so you recover quickly and get back to your daily life. At ValueCare Clinic, we will:

Provide Quality Care and Right Information When You Need it

Our goal is to improve the health of people by helping them get the right care at the right time so they can stay healthy, manage chronic conditions and live independently in their homes. The doctors at ValueCare will diagnose your illness or injury and prescribe medications to help you get well. They will educate you about your injury and share the necessary steps that you need to take to get better sooner.

Deliver Urgent Care with Shorter Waiting Times

ValueCare gives you the proper care you need when you need it in a timely manner. This includes being seen by an urgent care facility provider within one hour of your arrival. The care provider assigned to take care of you has been trained to treat all conditions and symptoms and can perform lab tests if needed.

Coordinate with the Best Physicians

We strive to provide the best service to our patients. In case you suffer from an injury that needs special attention, we coordinate with the best physicians. It helps us ensure your recovery is not hindered in any way. After all, your health is our top-most priority.

Ensure Patient Satisfaction

When a patient comes into our office, we want them to feel as though they have been taken care of properly. For patients to be satisfied with the care that we deliver, we have the best staff and regularly follow up with patients to stay updated with their progress. We also keep track of how many sick visits each patient has had in the past year or so. Recording a patient’s medical history helps us provide them better care.

Final Words

Minor injuries may not hurt you now but they may create severe health problems down the line. ValueCare Clinic can help you with your minor injuries. If it’s been a while since your last exam or you want us to check out a suspicious spot, visit our minor injuries walk in clinic. We offer the best service at an affordable cost. Contact us today for further information.