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Sexually transmitted diseases have become one of the major public health concerns. Even though STD cases are increasing, the screening rates still remain lower than expected. And in the advent of this, there have been various STD screening guidelines, recommendations and programs introduced by healthcare sectors.

Importance of STD Screenings for Your Sexual Well-Being

The screenings for STDs help individuals to identify, decrease or limit sexual transmissions, reinfections and complications at the earliest. What are the other reasons that make getting a screening done for STDs so important? Let’s find out.

Sexual Health for Teenagers Matters

Getting tested for STDs is important when teenagers are sexually active. If left untreated, some major infections can cause problems like infertility and a higher risk of getting HIV.

Virgins can Contract STDs too

Most common STDs spread through genital skin-to-skin contact. But it doesn’t mean that a virgin can’t be having STDs. You can have STD if you’ve used IV drugs. Performing unprotected oral sex can be another reason for STDs in virgins. So, if you’ve had unprotected oral sex or you’re in a romantic relationship with someone who has had unprotected sex, you could have an STD.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are Usually Symptomless

You can’t just sit and relax thinking your sexual health is good if you have no symptoms. To your surprise, the most common STIs or STDs are often symptomless. Chlamydia is often a silent infection that grows within your body. Most women do not have symptoms of gonorrhea either, and if they do, they often mistake them for a bladder or vaginal infection.

Final Words: STD Screenings are Easy and Quick, Don’t Worry!

Receiving an STD has nothing to do with hygiene or appearance, and it does not reflect your behavior. Getting tested for STDs at ValueCare clinic is a sensible and right decision you can make for yourself.

We have created a sexually positive healthcare atmosphere that makes it simple for you to prioritize your sexuality. Take the STD test at our STD testing center today and stay safe. The screenings will only require your urine sample. All you have to do is arrive at your appointment date and provide your urine sample. The entire process is quick and will last less than thirty minutes.