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Weight management is important for mental, emotional, and mostly physical wellness. There are many diets and weight loss programs out there that help you in weight management. Physiotherapy is one such way of weight management. Although it’s a common misconception that it only helps in dealing with muscular injuries and sprains, physiotherapy is one of the most effective and harmless ways of weight management. Let’s talk about it in detail.   

What is Weight Management?

Weight management is more than just following strict diet plans and hitting the gym. You can also manage your weight by regularizing your physical activity and going for physiotherapy. Basically, getting physical therapy will help you increase your physical movement which will automatically help you in maintaining weight. Let’s look at some ways you can rely on physiotherapy for your weight management.

How Physiotherapy Helps You Manage Weight?

Physiotherapy works for people of all ages. It primarily focuses on exercise and body movement in order to help you manage weight. It will also help you address any problems that hinder your physical activity and movement and thus speed up your process of weight loss. Other ways physiotherapy helps you manage weight are:

1. Keep You Physically Active: Being physically active is very important for weight loss. Increased weight brings about increased pressure on the bones and joints thus limiting their functioning. Physiotherapists advise you to do certain exercises and physical activities that keep your body in full movement and thus help manage your body weight.

2. Help You Manage Problems Associated with Increased Weight: Increased weight can impact your overall physical and mental health and create more problems. With physiotherapy, you can manage all the problems associated with increased weight like arthritis, back pain, and stiffness.

3. Personalized Activity Plans: Based on your physical state and body requirements, physiotherapists will create a personalized physical activity plan for you and create a healthy diet to improve your strength, shed calories, and increase energy. In this way, they help you improve the quality of your life.

These are several ways in which physiotherapy will help in slimming and shedding those extra pounds. Our physiotherapists can prescribe you the most appropriate physical activities and exercises that can help you lose weight and maintain it in the long run. Schedule an appointment today to shart shedding extra inches!!